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Vertiseed Farms

Investment Scheme

  • Funds Sought £2,500,000 

  • Pre-money Valuation £10m 

  • Target Returns 4x Capital Invested

  • Minimum Subscription £10,000 


Growing the future, one vertical farm at a time!

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This promotion is only available to high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors or professional/institutional investors.

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Goals for a
better world


At Vertiseed Farms, we are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture practices and supporting local farmers. We are excited to announce that we are currently raising capital under the SEIS and EIS investment scheme. This tax-efficient investment opportunity allows investors to invest in a cutting-edge technology startup while taking advantage of the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Our innovative vertical farming solutions address global food security and accessibility concerns by capitalising on opportunities to manufacture readily insulated and modular structures for vertical farm applications. We combine renewable energy technology with our modular methods of construction to create a truly sustainable solution. Our technology is optimised for supply to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments for cultivation of their own fresh produce as an on-demand source.

The demand for our vertical farming solutions is swiftly growing due to a range of impacts, including the effects of climate change on traditional crop yields, the rising need for food as the world's population grows, diminishing soil quality, the push to create more local food to reduce food miles, and the need for pesticide-free fresh produce. Food security is an important problem in the world, especially in the UK, which heavily relies on imported goods.

We are currently engaging in conversations with businesses that would be interested in purchasing vertical farms in main markets. This includes restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, food suppliers, urban creators, and municipal governments. We have identified large figures in the food industry such as Restaurant Group Plc and Tesco Plc as potential buyers for these farms. Investing in Vertiseed Farms is not only a smart financial decision, but it also contributes to a more sustainable future. Join us in promoting sustainable agriculture practices and supporting local farmers while taking advantage of the tax-efficient investment opportunity under the SEIS and EIS scheme.




3 scenarios when investing into EIS


Company 1

The company fails

  • You receive £3,000 in income tax relief against your £10,000 investment.

  • You also receive £3,150 income loss relief. (At risk capital multiplied by your tax bracket, e.g 45%)

  • Your Real loss = £3,850

  • (£7,000 at risk capital, minus £3,150 income loss relief)


Company 2

The company breaks even

  • You receive £3,000 in income tax relief against your £10,000 investment.

  • After 3 years, you sell your shares for £10,000.

  • Your Gain = £3,000

  • (Gains are calculated on the income tax relief)


Company 3

The company doubles in value


  • You receive £3,000 in income tax relief against your £10,000 investment.

  • After three years you sell your shares for £20,000. No capital gains tax is owed on profit.

  • Your Gain = £13,000

  • (£10,000 profit from sale of shares, plus £3,000 income tax relief)


Why Invest?

Within the next 5-10 years, food shortages will affect many more people. By 2050, the predicted global population is set to increase to 9 billion. The global Vertical Growth Farm market is projected to be worth USD $12.77 billion by 2026.

By investing in Vertiseed Farms, you are not only investing in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future, but you are also investing in a reliable source of fresh produce. Our state-of-the-art hydroponic systems are designed to optimize growth and yield, providing the perfect growing conditions for a wide range of crops, from microgreens to fruits and vegetables.

Vetiseed Farms is able to build to any bespoke design required for any customer taking into account their individual growing requirements whether that be Hydroponic, Aquaponic or Aeroponic systems. These are be built using sustainably responsible sourced timbers or in the event of adverse climatic conditions, via VF's HarvestHub. These are soil free and water efficient 24/7, 365 days a year and can utilise renewable energy systems. The VF's HarvestHub will include a unique composite featuring strength, waterproof and fireproof qualities.

Vertical farming is rapidly becoming a popular choice for farmers and businesses alike due to its numerous benefits. By growing crops vertically, you can maximize your production in a minimal space, reducing your environmental impact and operating costs. Additionally, vertical farming allows you to grow crops year-round, regardless of weather conditions, ensuring a consistent and reliable source of fresh produce.

At Vertiseed Farms, we are committed to providing the best possible service and support to our customers. Our team is dedicated to helping you every step of the way, from design and installation to ongoing technical assistance and marketing support.


So why not invest in the future of food and sustainability? Investing in Vertiseed Farms and vertical farming is not only a smart business decision, but it is also a step towards a more sustainable future. With VertiSeed Farms, you can enjoy the benefits of a profitable investment while supporting a better future for all.

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