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Grow Smarter with Vertiseed Farms Smart Grow

The remote monitoring system for real-time control of your plants and grow environment

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Real-Time Data

Welcome to Vertiseed Farms Smart Grow, where technology meets agriculture. Our innovative remote monitoring system allows for real-time monitoring of environmental conditions, nutrient levels, and plant growth, giving our clients unprecedented control over their growing operations.

With the help of advanced technology such as cameras, webcams, and sensors, our system keeps a constant eye on the status of your plants and grow hub. This information is easily accessible through our user-friendly smartphone remote app, allowing you to make informed decisions and adjust growing conditions as needed.

Our remote monitoring system is designed to help you achieve optimal growing conditions for your plants. By providing real-time information on environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, as well as nutrient levels and plant growth, our system helps you identify issues before they become major problems. You'll receive alerts if any issues arise, allowing you to take action quickly and efficiently.

Our system is perfect for all types of growing operations, from small-scale home gardens to large commercial farms. Whether you're growing vegetables, flowers, fruit or cannabis, Vertiseed Farms Smart Grow can help you achieve the best possible results.


Grow Smarter with Vertiseed Farms Smart Grow

At Vertiseed Farms, we're passionate about using technology to improve the agriculture industry. Our remote monitoring system is just one example of how we're working to make growing operations more efficient, more productive, and more sustainable. With our system, you can take control of your growing operation like never before. Try Vertiseed Farms Smart Grow today and experience the future of agriculture.

Embrace modern farming methods for convenience, sustainability, and profitability. Order yours today and start experiencing the future of agriculture!

SmartGrow App

Maximize Your Crop Yields with SmartGrow: The Future of Farming at Your Fingertips!


The LED control monitor allows farmers to monitor and adjust the growing conditions of their crops in real-time


Take control of your crops from anywhere, at any time. Offer users  a faster, more convenient and intuitive experience​

View all accounting and user behaviour data, through the dashboard which can be accessed online on any device

The LED control monitor is user-friendly and intuitive, providing farmers with all the data they need to make informed decisions about their crops.

From adjusting the temperature and humidity levels to checking the nutrient status of your crops, the app provides real-time data and analytics to help you make informed decisions about your farming operations

Not only is the Vertiseed app user-friendly and intuitive, but it also allows for seamless communication. If any issues arise, the app will send notifications directly to your phone, ensuring that you can take immediate action to address them.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision farming with the LED control monitor

The ultimate tool for precision farming, giving you the freedom to manage your crops from anywhere, at any time

Transform Your Farming Operations with SmartGrow

The App That Puts You in Control!

Connectivity package

The Grow environment is integrated with the cloud platform, so you can extract and access data on the cloud anytime, anywhere. 


Improves profitability by collecting and displaying the installation usage data and information about user behavior visually and intuitively.

Security systems

If any issues arise, the app will send notifications directly to your phone, ensuring that you can take immediate action to address them.

LED Control monitor

Advanced monitoring and control system in real-time

Vertiseed App

Whether you're using the app to manage your HarvestHub container or as a standalone tool for precision farming, the Vertiseed Smart app is the ultimate solution for modern agriculture. Say goodbye to traditional farming methods and hello to the future of farming with the Vertiseed Smart app.


Plans and subscription

We offer you a free subscription model to the Vertiseed Smartgrow app to enjoy the main benefits of digital management of your grow environment right from the start.


Want more? Get Premium. With the SmartGrow Premium subscription model you have all the functionalities of our connectivity system activated.

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