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Success Stories:

Growing a Greener Future with Vertiseed Farms


A Word From Our Customers

Success Story 1: Transforming Hospitality

Marriott Bonvoy

Hotels in our chain faced challenges in sourcing fresh, pesticide-free produce year-round. Seasonal variations often impacted the quality and availability of ingredients. The use of pesticides and herbicides raised concerns among our guests who sought healthier dining options. Water consumption for irrigation was also a concern.

Before Vertiseed Farms:

We partnered with Vertiseed Farms and installed HarvestHub Container Farms across multiple locations. The results were remarkable. We now have a consistent supply of fresh, healthy produce, regardless of the season. Our guests enjoy meals made with love from farm to table. With zero pesticides and herbicides, our commitment to their health and well-being is evident. The water savings have been significant, aligning with our sustainability goals.

After Vertiseed Farms:

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"Our partnership with Vertiseed Farms has transformed our culinary offerings. We're proud to serve farm-fresh, healthy meals every day."

Image by John Fornander

Emma Bohacova, SVK

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Revolutionizing Farming

Say goodbye to seasonality, and hello to year-round harvests that save you money and reduce food waste.

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Sustainability at the Core

By choosing Vertiseed Farms, you're not just investing in top-quality farming solutions; you're also contributing to a greener, more eco-conscious future.

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Customer-Centric Excellence

Our success is measured by your success. We're not just a supplier; we're your partners in growth. With 24/7 support, maintenance contracts, and an online store stocked with everything you need, we're here to ensure your farming journey is a thriving one.

Remarkable Partners:

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At Vertiseed Farms, we understand that strength lies in unity, and that's why our community of farmers, enthusiasts, and sustainability champions is at the heart of everything we do.


We're passionate about sustainability, and it's at the core of everything we do.


Integrity is the cornerstone upon which our success stories are built. In an industry where trust and transparency are paramount, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to these principles.

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Real Stories, Real Results

Success Story 2: Nurturing Education

ISV International School

Before Vertiseed Farms:

Our school struggled with limited access to fresh produce and a desire to educate our students about sustainable agriculture. Traditional farming methods were impractical due to space constraints and water usage.

After Vertiseed Farms:

Vertiseed Farms introduced us to the world of vertical farming with HarvestHub Container Farms. Our students now learn about sustainable farming firsthand, and we supply our cafeteria with fresh, pesticide-free greens. The educational and nutritional impact has been profound.

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Cultivating Success: Customer Journeys with Vertiseed Farms

"Vertiseed Farms has made learning about agriculture exciting. Our students now understand the importance of sustainable food sources."

Mark and Lisa H.

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Farm to Table

Success Story 3: Feeding the Future
Emerald Valley Medical Center

Before Vertiseed Farms:

Our hospital faced challenges in providing fresh, nutritious meals to patients. Seasonal variations in produce availability and concerns about pesticides and herbicides were common obstacles.

After Vertiseed Farms:

With the installation of HarvestHub Container Farms, we've been able to provide our patients with consistent access to fresh, healthy food. Our commitment to their well-being is evident in every meal, and we've significantly reduced our water consumption.


Elements for Enhanced Engagement

Bringing the Stories to Life

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"Vertiseed Farms has helped us put patients' health first. Our meals are not only nourishing but also sustainably sourced."

Since incorporating Vertiseed Farms' grow container into our restaurant, we have seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction and have been able to differentiate ourselves from the competition with our unique and fresh dishes.

Karl Gillian · London, UK

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