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Revolutionizing the future, One vertical farm at a time


Growing the future, one vertical farm at a time!

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About us

About us

Growing a Greener Future with VertiSeed Farms

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way we grow and produce fresh, healthy produce using cutting-edge vertical farming technology. We develop global and comprehensive solutions that range from the design and manufacturing to marketing and technical assistance of vertical farming systems and equipment.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable and efficient solution for producing high-quality, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables for communities around the world. We believe that by using vertical farming techniques, we can greatly reduce our carbon footprint and help to address the global food crisis.


Global reach

With installations in over 10 countries


International sales

Targeted at export market



Distributors across North America, Europe, and Asia



We have installed over 100 systems across different countries


Explore our Cutting-Edge Features and Benefits


Control Systems

Controllers and automated systems maintain a stable micro-climate, control mixing solutions and facilitate plant growth with minimal human intervention.


LED Grow Lights

Specialized LED lights developed by our team of engineers create optimal grow conditions. These lights deliver just the right balance of light for photosynthesis, helping your plants grow strong and thrive. You can now harvest every 30-40 days, when a traditional outdoor farm will harvest every 60-65 days.


treatment systems

The water treatment system ensure plants receive clean, safe water. The system filters out impurities and adds nutrients as needed, so you can be sure your plants are getting the best possible care. Water is recycled over and over again, using 95% less water than traditional farming.



Plants are grown in water instead of soil, allowing nutrients to be delivere