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PROJECT ALERT #3 - Why Invest In Vertiseed farms?

Investing in Vertiseed also means supporting entrepreneurs who want to provide management more in line with their values in the sector:

🤲 KINDNESS - helping others, transmitting, thinking about the interest of the collective to all go in the same direction

💚HUMILITY - no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and we are the first! You just have to be able to recognize your wrongs, know how to learn from others and improve

🍀PLEASURE - take pleasure in everyday life but also know how to share this pleasure with our customers, bring creativity and initiatives into everyday life

Why Invest In Vertiseed Capital?
Why Invest In Vertiseed Capital?

We strongly believe that kindness and performance can coexist and that a team in which everyone takes care of the other can only rock 🚀

We have too often heard of traumatic experiences coming from the agriculture business…Disgusted by what they experienced. Unfortunately, the stories you see and hear are real.

So we created a company where talented and passionate people can really be fulfilled in what they love to do 🙏💚 And even if we are far from perfect, the various feedbacks that our alumni have left us so far reinforce us on the fact that we are going in the right direction 💪

🤝 Do you want to help us keep these values alive?

🔗 The link to our project page in ORGANIC!

The Vertiseed team needs your support to communicate, broadcast, share our project to as many people as possible because every action counts 🙏 Thank you 💚


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